Merthyr Tydfil Car Park

The modular build programme included construction over an existing grade level car park, in addition to two raised storeys. The scheme includes 15 disabled bays and pedestrian access via two glazed feature stair cores.

The façade is lit with feature lighting providing a focal point for the town centre. Additional features include CCTV, dedicated parent and toddler parking, card payment options and an open stairwell; making it easier and safer to park. The stair core utilised a Reglitstructural glazing system to create an illuminating core. Again, adding to the overall aesthetics of the car park.

The car park is also designed with the view to add additional levels on top. This gives the client flexibility to extend the number of car park spaces in the future.

ASDA Multi-Storey Car Park

Bourne Parking was contracted to supply the full turnkey design and build of a new multi-storey car parking facility for ASDA at their superstore in Weymouth.

The 311 space multi-storey car park comprised of two suspended parking levels and a new customer interface area providing access directly into the superstore from the car park; incorporating a high specification cladding system, galvanised steel frame, Bourne Parking’s Montex flooring technology and an integrated crash barrier system.

The scheme had a very challenging programme which involved Bourne Parking constructing the multi-storey car park around a live supermarket environment and associated car park, as well as the main contractor constructing the new store extension.

Constructed in a series of phases, the multi-storey car park was completed ahead of the busy summer tourist season and in time for the London 2012 Olympics, with the sailing being held in Weymouth and Portland.

Aberdeen International Business Park

Bourne Parking was engaged by Bowmer and Kirkland to design and construct an ‘above ground’ scope of works for this single deck car park supplying a total of 504 spaces.

Bourne Parking delivered the above ground scope of works, with the superstructure incorporating a galvanised steel frame and Bourne Parking’s Bournedeck flooring technology, crash barrier system, asphalt waterproofing and a perimeter planting system.

Bourne integrated the planting wall into the design with cantilever brackets on the structural frame, then supporting stainless steel wires carried the pre-grown modular planting system running from ground to the top of the upper handrail.

Work was completed in challenging weather conditions in just 16 weeks.

The Moor Car Park Cladding

An innovative and architecturally challenging feature-cladding contract on an 18 split level car park in Sheffield.

The cladding system was a striking design that incorporated 4,700 individual aluminium profiles and ventilation grills of differing sizes. We designed a bespoke panelised cladding system, consisting of polyester powder coated aluminium sheets fixed onto cold rolled steel frame panels, all manufactured off-site to exacting tolerances in our production facility in Henstridge.

The car park was constructed on an extremely compact and logistically challenging city centre site, with only 600mm clear access on each elevation, meaning that scissor lifts, scaffolding or cherry pickers could not be used. 728 panels were transported to site in stillages, before being lifted into their specific position by a spider crane located on the roof of the car park structure.

The entire system was delivered and installed in a matter of weeks, achieving an installation rate of up to 40 panels (300m2) per day. In total, 4,500m2 of cladding was erected, with the final finish providing a contoured effect around all sides of the building.

University of Essex

Following a competitive tender process Bourne Parking were engaged by the University of Essex to design and build a car park facility, providing a total of 766 car parking spaces at grade level plus three suspended levels.

The superstructure incorporated a ‘part ramped deck’ galvanised steel frame, Bourne Parking’s Montex flooring technology and integrated crash and pedestrian barriers.

To comply with planning and to match the existing library on site feature exposed aggregate and fluted precast walls, flights and landings were constructed on both of the stair/lift cores.

A profiled steel roof was constructed to provide a platform for photovoltaic panels which also enabled the removal of the waterproofing as it provides protection from the elements.

Tonbridge Station Car Park

The new single deck car park at Tonbridge was constructed over an existing grade level car park to increase the total parking capacity at Tonbridge station by 177 spaces.

This irregular shaped car park is bordered on three sides by main roads and rail tracks. The local Councils’ Environmental Officers wanted an ‘open’ and unclad structure, so we designed a clear span system; with external and internal columns at 7.2 metre centres to give an uncluttered and user friendly solution.

TFGM Station Car Parks

Four new decked car parks have been constructed for Transport for Greater Manchester at Metrolink Stations in Manchester.

The car parks were designed around existing grade level car parks, which were required to remain open during construction. This provided a number of logistical challenges with safety of the public being our primary concern. Bourne Parking carried out a complete ‘turnkey’ solution including the preparation and presentation of the planning application, traffic surveys, and full site investigations. Full design and construction included the foundations, civil works and above ground structure, complete with lighting and a linked CCTV camera system.

Stratford International Station MSCP

In order to cope with increasing passenger numbers using the new High Speed 1 Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Bourne Parking was contracted to supply the full turnkey Design and Build of a new multi storey car parking facility at Stratford’s International rail interchange. The 850 space multi storey car park comprises of six suspended parking levels and incorporates an architectural Fin cladding system.

Bourne Parking delivered the substructure package, which included excavation, split line retaining walls, piled foundations, below ground drainage and ground level parking wearing course. The superstructure incorporates a galvanised steel frame, Bourne Parking’s Montex flooring technology and our Bourne Barrier crash barrier system. To assist with speeding up the construction programme, precast concrete stair and lift cores were utilised within the design.

Sky HQ Car Park

Initially, Bourne Parking secured the project through a traditional competitive tender. Following this process we were engaged through a Pre Construction Services Agreement to enable our involvement in early design development and provide a scheme to meet the Client’s expectations. The project brief was to design and build a multi-storey car park to provide the primary car parking requirement for the Sky campus, while leaving in place an existing Energy Centre within the car park footprint.

The structure is supported on piled foundations which along with the new drainage system are carefully located to miss the plethora of in-ground services, including some major Sky TV fibre optic systems. The suspended decks are constructed of pre-cast concrete floor units laid as a composite floor onto a steel frame. Pedestrian access to upper decks is via fully precast concrete stair/lift cores. Waterproofing, signage, road markings, vehicle entry systems, new mains electrical transformer, new communications room, programmable LED lighting and external perimeter cladding have also been installed to complete the project.

IQ Business Park MSCP

This car park was constructed to support the 20,000 sqft office development for property investment company, SEGRO. The car park consists of 945 car parking spaces over six suspended parking levels and includes a cladding system which complements the surrounding campus development.

The superstructure incorporates a galvanised steel frame, Bourne Parking’s Montex flooring technology and a crash barrier system, as well as a high specification parking management system which will identify available spaces and assist in locating your car on return.

The requirements of the tenant were very demanding and the success of the project hinged on the ability to deliver the multi storey car park in only 19 weeks. We recognised that the key element on the critical path was the construction of the stair towers, and so through a value engineering exercise we removed the requirement for the steel frame and blockwork walls, and replaced the entire stair tower with a fully precast concrete structure (walls, floors, roofs etc). This reduced our site programme by one month helping us to achieve the challenging programme.