30-Jan-2018: Bourne attends Hilti Innovation Event

Bourne Steel Operations Director, Craig Galway and Bourne Engineering Managing Director Alan Pillinger attended the Hilti VIP Innovation Event today along with other valued Hilti customers.

The event was held at the Hilti Headquarters in Schaan, Lichtenstein where guests had the opportunity to look around the facility and gain an insight into the DNA of the organisation and what drives them to deliver the best possible products and services.

The visit included a tour of the Hilti Innovation Centre where an annual budget of £280m is expended creating the tools, fixing and cutting solutions of the future.

Guests were also given a tour of the fixing & anchor production facilities including the unit that hand assembles the tools and equipment.

Craig Galway has said “We were certainly ‘wowed’, not only by the spectacular location of the Hilti HQ but also by their first class facilities and attention to quality and precision.”


At 150m high, Highpoint is one of London’s tallest residential buildings and accommodates 457 apartments over 47 storeys.  Bourne Steel was selected to erect a four pronged steel crown on the uppermost level, designed as an integrated architectural and structural system supporting the balconies below via a series of vertical Macalloy bars.

The crown has only 24 main structural steel components, but it was essential that once each component was lifted up onto the roof, they all fitted perfectly. Therefore, a trial erection was undertaken before taking all the components to site. The trial erection was done in such a way as to replicate the actual erection even though it was performed at ground level. This went as far as marking out a space around the crown, identical in size to the top of the tower enabling us to work out the best position for MEWPs, bearing in mind that space was very tight on top of the tower.

As each and every individual steel component was installed, everything had to be continuously surveyed for uplift, sag and the correct geometry, with the trestle’s jacks then adjusted accordingly.

02-Jan-2018: Nine years with Thameslink

The final section of London Bridge Station is now open, marking the end of Bourne’s five year involvement in the London Bridge Project and nine years with the Thameslink Programme.

Bourne’s involvement in the Thameslink Programme began in 2009 with a £360,00 order for the Turnmill Street ticket hall at Farringdon Station. The Company went on to win several more contracts at Farringdon including the installation of rooflights above the integrated ticket hall, an over-track crossing and a roof canopy covering the north end of all four platforms. This was followed by work at Blackfriars Station where Bourne provided the structural steelwork for both the north and south stations alongside carrying out most of the enabling works to allow the station to evolve as part of the build programme.

Many of the Thameslink projects have required Bourne to carry out astonishing feats of engineering and precision, from installing 60 tonne concrete encased girders and intricate ‘flying staircases’ to erecting 15 tonne girders in underground tunnels and even propping and jacking London’s oldest station, London Bridge.

Bourne has now exceeded a combined order total of £20 million with Thameslink but the Company’s work at Farringdon Station continues as part of the Crossrail development.