10-Mar-2017: Filling the skills gap

The Bourne Group were delighted to attend the “Filling the Skills Gap” event held at the Tank Museum in Wareham on Thursday 9 March 2017. We were provided with a really interesting opportunity to understand the benefits that employing Reservists and Veterans can bring to an organisation, with presentations given from both a serving Reservist and an Employers perspective. The event was really well attended by various employers and Local Councillors and Dignitaries and our thanks go to the Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association for arranging such an informative event.

07-Mar-2017: Bourne sponsor anti-bullying course

Bourne are pleased to be sponsoring South Derbyshire Karate Academy’s anti-bullying and self-defence course, being held at the Keldholme Lane Community Centre in Alvaston.

The course was the idea of karate instructor and Bourne Construction Manager, David Loan. He said: “I asked other club members if they would be interested in running a course where we could help youngsters. Their support has been overwhelming. With the instructors giving their time for free, and Bourne sponsoring the cost of the room hire, we can run the courses without charge.”

The children are being taught the basic tools to recognise and deal with bullying of all kinds, and to build their self-confidence.

Senior instructor and club secretary Julie Goode said: “The first thing we teach children is not to look like a victim in the first place. Walk tall, with your head held high, be alert, don’t wander along absorbed in your mobile phone.”

The response has been more popular than anticipated and the instructors have had to cap the four-week course at 44 children. The karate club is hoping to run more courses in the future.