Heathrow Bus Station

We supplied and erected the structural steelwork for this new Central Bus Station, located in the heart of the world’s busiest airport. The steel frame comprised a series of double cantilevered and portalised frames, located around the perimeter of an irregular shaped canopy footprint.

The frames typically consisted of tapered double cantilever cross head beams supported on hollow section columns. The outer edges of the cantilever cross beams were tied down to the ground using stainless steel tie-rods consisting of spade and fork end connectors.

This is the first structure that many people will see when entering the airport complex and therefore it was essential that great care was taken with the aesthetics of each joint when detailing the connections. Many were fully welded or concealed. This involved complex connections being developed in order to make them ‘visible’ whilst at the same time robust and practical.

To minimise site erection periods we delivered the steel frame to the airport with as much of the frame pre-assembled as possible.

Hayes Balconies

The scope of our works covered the design, fabrication and erection of 309 fully finished balconies.

The project comprised of 471 residential units, a 119 room hotel, a 127 room aparthotel as well as a significant retail area. The project also includes a Sky Pool and a Life Box in which London’s arts organisations will be able to display public art. This particular area will also become a new public square for the town centre. The community also benefits from the production of a Police Liaison Office and a Management Office, both for the town centre.

The Hayes Central Project is a major regeneration of a current Brownfield site.

Farringdon Station, Integrated Ticket Hall

The redevelopment of Farringdon station was part of the ThamesLink programme. The Bourne Group delivered the station’s new integrated ticket hall that included under pinning the existing bridge, refurbishing Turnmill Street ticket hall, and installing new roof lights.

The package included the supply and installation of cladding, glazing and louvers; the refurbishment of the existing Grade II listed station building and construction of the new north train shed roof (featured separately).

The structural steel package delivered to Farringdon earned the Bourne Group the 2012 Construction News Steel Specialist Award. What’s more, the project was also shortlisted at the 2012 Structural Steel Design Awards.

Brighton Dome

Structural steelwork was used to sustain and modernise this 200 year old, prestigious Grade II listed building.

The project involved the removal of two proscenium columns, which had been added in an earlier refurbishment in the 1930s. The new work involved a temporary steel frame to support the existing timber Dome and 1930s trusses, then transferring the loads by jacking onto the new steel frame. All the temporary steelwork had to be manhandled into the existing buildings and then erected from inside.

Pre-loading of the new elements and jacking of the existing structure prevented excessive deflections. Other alterations, such as forming openings in walls were dealt with by maintaining existing load paths and spreading stress concentrations through box frames or spreader beams to ensure that the overall load distribution was not significantly altered. Parts of the steelwork that had been dismantled, together with some of the temporary support steelwork, were re-fabricated and incorporated into the new permanent works.

This project and its team received a commendation in the 2003 Structural Steel Design Award.

Marks & Spencer

International retailer, Marks and Spencer plc extended their Plymouth store by demolishing a section of the existing structure and constructing four new floors and a plant room. The extra space gave the store a new cutting edge design with free-flow walkways.

We supplied and installed the structural steelwork, decking and on-site intumescent paint to achieve this stylish shopping space.

It was essential that the store continued trading throughout the entire construction period and in order to achieve this we frequently worked outside of store opening hours. With the building situated in the heart of the lively City centre deliveries had to be planned very carefully.

Ikea Wednesbury & Croydon

We designed, supplied and installed structural steelwork, metal decking, concrete topping and intumescent paint for IKEA stores in Wednesbury and Croydon, over a two year period.

The construction comprised an independent mezzanine steel floor within each of the large warehouse shopping centres. At all times the stores continued to trade.

To cause the least disruption possible a majority of pre-assembly was done off-site and only connections and welding took place in store. Furthermore, we used fibre reinforced concrete to speed up the installation of the flooring.

We are delighted that IKEA has recognised the important role we have performed on these projects and are proud to be on its select list of preferred contractors for future work.

Gloucester Quays Outlet

Retail developments are often challenging as more often than not designers can only proceed with primary frames and basic secondary layouts until tenants arrive further down the line. Consequently, anything from shop fronts to M&E and back of house stairs is unknown, which causes late and frequent design changes.

Our work at Gloucester Quays proved to be no exception. As a result we created bespoke teams at the design stage to accommodate late changes and co-ordinate the different demands of the primary and secondary frames so that both could be serviced without detriment to the programme. We also managed the floor decking, on-site intumescent paint and end connection design. Our work not only consisted of constructing the new designer outlet, which required the erection of two large 400 tonne frames, we also installed the steelwork for the concrete car parks spiral ramp and rotunda roof. The roof is a complex circular structure, which was assembled at ground level and then lifted into its final position as one piece.

In addition to the above, we also refurbished two existing grade II listed buildings. All work was done by hand to ensure the retained façade remained untouched. This stunning new waterside, shopping and leisure development incorporates a new designer outlet, waterways museum, antiques centre, multi-screen cinema, historic docks and new bars and restaurants.