Brentwood Sainsbury’s Car Park

Bourne Parking was awarded the contract to design and build a single suspended deck car park providing 250 additional spaces within an existing live surface car park, adjacent to a still trading Sainsbury’s supermarket. The car park was designed to maximise the car parking space gain at the site whilst facilitating its construction in phases to minimise disruption to the supermarket in the middle of Brentwood.

The car park was constructed with our lightweight steel frame and precast concrete Montex floor system in two main sections which were sub-divided into phases.  Through working in close collaboration with the store management and the main contractor who were undertaking works to the store, we were able to carefully plan our logistics and construction methodology to ensure fast track on site construction with just in time deliveries, both of which served to minimise lost car parking spaces and disturbance to customers. Furthermore, both sections were completed ahead of the planned programme.

The external façade adjacent to nearby residential properties consisted of a bespoke form of waveform perforated metal cladding, combined with extensive planting to further soften the visual appearance of the new decked car park.  The project was constructed immediately adjacent to the side and front of the existing supermarket building, and there were several connections where the new decked car park was linked in to new mezzanine works in the store undertaken by the main contractor.

Leonardo Building

A decked car park solution with external curved ramps. 

Built in conjunction with a new office development for Virgin, Bourne Parking were responsible for the design & build of the car park element. The 5 storey car park was constructed using steel frame and Montexpre-fabricated concrete slabs.

Utilising our in house expertise in car park design, a complicated curved ramp was designed in order to fit the car park onto the small footprint, whilst maximising the number of car parking spaces from the 3,200mof suspended structure.

The car park was finished with a top deck tarmac waterproofing system, with Arco architectural mesh panel treatment to the external elevations.

Haywards Heath Station Car Park

The construction of this carpark was on a live, congested rail station site with continual public movements, both vehicular and pedestrian. To maximise the available spaces during construction Bourne Parking split the construction into three phases. The site is within close proximity to a live rail line and as a result we worked with Network Rail to create detailed sets of RAMS for the various elements of construction. We hold a Network Rail Principal Contractors License, which was issued to Bourne based on our proven track record of delivering successful projects in challenging live Rail environments.

Bourne Parking has provided a total of 1,059 parking spaces covering the ground and three suspended deck levels which were constructed using a steel frame and our ‘Montex’ floor system. Also included with the 769 suspended spaces is an internal access ramp, lighting, access stairs, deck and surface drainage and major external associated works.

Cobalt Business Park

Cobalt Business Park represents one of the largest and fastest developing business parks in the country. Bourne Parking completed the design and build for four, single suspended BourneDeck car parks for the private use of the new business park.

In keeping with the high quality of this development, above standard car parking facilities have been provided. Large spaces (2.5m wide by 5.0m deep) combined with a clear-span column design and (prefinished) white soffits to the suspended slabs resulted in user friendly and safe internal environments.

All of the car parks incorporate an extremely efficient semi split level configuration, which minimises the overall length of ramp required for each building. The value of suspended deck car parks on this site is that they allow an increased proportion of the footprint of each plot to be utilised for commercial office development.

Four Oaks Park and Ride

High spec cladding finish to external elevations, as per planning conditions.

Health & Safety Very good London Midland Railway provided safety inspections every month. They were complimentary as to the good standard of safety on site.

The site was adjacent the local Train station, and was on a residential road. A good standard of public interface was established at an early stage. As such, Centro received no complaints during the duration of the works and received complimentary letters from some local residents.

North Cheam Sainsbury’s Car Park

This car park was built as a replacement to an existing car park that had deteriorated. To save costs and deliver best value to the client, we designed the car park to fit the existing foundations. 

Other savings include retaining the existing travelator and stair cores by designing the car park to incorporate these existing features. Thus, keeping the cost per space to a minimum.

Due to the retail environment that this car park was built in, it was essential to the client that the construction period had minimal impact on parking spaces, as not to adversely effect the amount of customers that could park on the site. To minimise disruption the project was delivered with a phased programme, maximising space numbers throughout the duration of the job.

Jaguar Land Rover

This was a large scale project in which the client pursued a single source route with Bourne Parking Ltd, resulting in early integration between the client and contractor. Bourne Parking were involved at all stages of this project, from planning to completion under a JCT 2011 Design and Build contract.

Three ‘blocks’ of roughly 94m. were constructed with 16m bridges connecting the three buildings. The structure was galvanized steel frame, pre-fabricated Montexconcrete slab flooring & pre-cast concrete stair cores, which were isolated from the steel frame.

Each ‘block’ had it’s own internal ramp, allowing the client to close off certain sections of the car park according to varying requirements.

The project was delivered on time, on budget and with zero reportable accidents.

Merthyr Tydfil Car Park

The modular build programme included construction over an existing grade level car park, in addition to two raised storeys. The scheme includes 15 disabled bays and pedestrian access via two glazed feature stair cores.

The façade is lit with feature lighting providing a focal point for the town centre. Additional features include CCTV, dedicated parent and toddler parking, card payment options and an open stairwell; making it easier and safer to park. The stair core utilised a Reglitstructural glazing system to create an illuminating core. Again, adding to the overall aesthetics of the car park.

The car park is also designed with the view to add additional levels on top. This gives the client flexibility to extend the number of car park spaces in the future.

ASDA Multi-Storey Car Park

Bourne Parking was contracted to supply the full turnkey design and build of a new multi-storey car parking facility for ASDA at their superstore in Weymouth.

The 311 space multi-storey car park comprised of two suspended parking levels and a new customer interface area providing access directly into the superstore from the car park; incorporating a high specification cladding system, galvanised steel frame, Bourne Parking’s Montex flooring technology and an integrated crash barrier system.

The scheme had a very challenging programme which involved Bourne Parking constructing the multi-storey car park around a live supermarket environment and associated car park, as well as the main contractor constructing the new store extension.

Constructed in a series of phases, the multi-storey car park was completed ahead of the busy summer tourist season and in time for the London 2012 Olympics, with the sailing being held in Weymouth and Portland.

Aberdeen International Business Park

Bourne Parking was engaged by Bowmer and Kirkland to design and construct an ‘above ground’ scope of works for this single deck car park supplying a total of 504 spaces.

Bourne Parking delivered the above ground scope of works, with the superstructure incorporating a galvanised steel frame and Bourne Parking’s Bournedeck flooring technology, crash barrier system, asphalt waterproofing and a perimeter planting system.

Bourne integrated the planting wall into the design with cantilever brackets on the structural frame, then supporting stainless steel wires carried the pre-grown modular planting system running from ground to the top of the upper handrail.

Work was completed in challenging weather conditions in just 16 weeks.