Reading Station

Network Rail have expanded the Reading Station facility to reduce congestion by re-configuring the track layout and adding five new platforms.

The main station ticket hall is built with a steel frame to allow customers to experience an up to date facility. This includes a new passenger footbridge structure comprised of escalators and lifts to provide step free access to all platforms.

Bourne worked in collaboration with a cladding company to produce 450nr canopy modules. This reduced the number of crane lifts on site as well as the site programme time. The modular design also moved 45,000 man-hours off-site, providing health & safety benefits to all due to not working in engineering hours on a working rail project.


Heathrow Bus Station

We supplied and erected the structural steelwork for this new Central Bus Station, located in the heart of the world’s busiest airport. The steel frame comprised a series of double cantilevered and portalised frames, located around the perimeter of an irregular shaped canopy footprint.

The frames typically consisted of tapered double cantilever cross head beams supported on hollow section columns. The outer edges of the cantilever cross beams were tied down to the ground using stainless steel tie-rods consisting of spade and fork end connectors.

This is the first structure that many people will see when entering the airport complex and therefore it was essential that great care was taken with the aesthetics of each joint when detailing the connections. Many were fully welded or concealed. This involved complex connections being developed in order to make them ‘visible’ whilst at the same time robust and practical.

To minimise site erection periods we delivered the steel frame to the airport with as much of the frame pre-assembled as possible.

Hayes Balconies

The scope of our works covered the design, fabrication and erection of 309 fully finished balconies.

The project comprised of 471 residential units, a 119 room hotel, a 127 room aparthotel as well as a significant retail area. The project also includes a Sky Pool and a Life Box in which London’s arts organisations will be able to display public art. This particular area will also become a new public square for the town centre. The community also benefits from the production of a Police Liaison Office and a Management Office, both for the town centre.

The Hayes Central Project is a major regeneration of a current Brownfield site.

Farringdon Station, Integrated Ticket Hall

The redevelopment of Farringdon station was part of the ThamesLink programme. The Bourne Group delivered the station’s new integrated ticket hall that included under pinning the existing bridge, refurbishing Turnmill Street ticket hall, and installing new roof lights.

The package included the supply and installation of cladding, glazing and louvers; the refurbishment of the existing Grade II listed station building and construction of the new north train shed roof (featured separately).

The structural steel package delivered to Farringdon earned the Bourne Group the 2012 Construction News Steel Specialist Award. What’s more, the project was also shortlisted at the 2012 Structural Steel Design Awards.

Heathrow Airport Lift Modules

We were asked to provide a lift core to enable easy passenger access. to the Airside Coaching Stations at Heathrow Airport.

These installations are normally complex and timely affairs, as all works are carried out under strict ‘airside’ regulations. The ‘BourneLift’ product provides a fully contained structural lift solution, which can be used in any structure. The modules can be up to 12 floors in height, self-supporting, and can even provide lateral stability to other structures. The lift shafts can be externally clad or boarded, fully insulated and internally lined with high impact resistant finishes, and fully prepared with fixings and running rails – all installed off-site.

Each module is designed to be fully compliant with Building Regulations and Fire Regulations, to enable a simple interface with a wide range of structures.

Project Aspire

This contract, carried out in conjunction with Corus Living Solutions, involved the delivery of new living accommodation for 18,700 British Army soldiers (20% of the British army) on Salisbury Plain.

Our ‘BourneStair’ product provided a fully contained stair solution for this project and enabled a simple interface with the building structures.

Our ‘BourneStair’ modules offer a fast track on-site installation, providing a stair access that is available for immediate use. Establishing a working staircase at a relatively early stage of the construction process provides enormous benefits in terms of access and Health & Safety, by dramatically reducing the reliance on scaffolding and other forms of temporary access.

This project further demonstrates our determination to achieve excellence in construction by utilising the best in off-site technology.

Winchester AFA

Winchester Station is a busy commuter station used by up to 86,000 passengers every week. The Bourne Group was commissioned with the erection of a footbridge, stairs and lift shafts at the station as part of Network Rail’s ‘Access for All’ campaign.

Bourne Special Projects erected the steelwork during overnight weekend possessions / blockades. Bourne were heavily involved throughout the design process, working closely with the whole design team to enable ‘completed’ elements to be designed, fabricated, and erected.

The completed 15 metre long, 25 tonne steel bridge structure was lifted into place by a 200 tonne mobile crane, within a one hour blockade, with the full height open inward glazed panels being the only missing components.

The frame dimensions required extensive fine tolerance surveying prior to the lift, as the bridge had to fit exactly. Very careful planning enabled us to complete the installation to plan, to the satisfaction of all parties.

The Moor Car Park Cladding

An innovative and architecturally challenging feature-cladding contract on an 18 split level car park in Sheffield.

The cladding system was a striking design that incorporated 4,700 individual aluminium profiles and ventilation grills of differing sizes. We designed a bespoke panelised cladding system, consisting of polyester powder coated aluminium sheets fixed onto cold rolled steel frame panels, all manufactured off-site to exacting tolerances in our production facility in Henstridge.

The car park was constructed on an extremely compact and logistically challenging city centre site, with only 600mm clear access on each elevation, meaning that scissor lifts, scaffolding or cherry pickers could not be used. 728 panels were transported to site in stillages, before being lifted into their specific position by a spider crane located on the roof of the car park structure.

The entire system was delivered and installed in a matter of weeks, achieving an installation rate of up to 40 panels (300m2) per day. In total, 4,500m2 of cladding was erected, with the final finish providing a contoured effect around all sides of the building.

Pinewood Studios Modular Stair Towers

Bourne were contracted to install four internal stair towers, to be ready in time for the filming of the next 007 film.

The stair towers needed to be free standing structures and be fully enclosed to give an hour’s fire resistance. These installations were made more challenging as the stair towers were located close to the walls, and extended upwards in between the roof trusses, with only millimeters of clearance either side.

Using our ‘BourneStair’ solution and expertise gained from completing numerous modular stair installations, the stair towers were designed for off-site manufacture at our factory in Henstridge. Each staircase consisted of five self-supporting modules with a top hood module to give security and fire resistance. The modules comprised fully welded structural steel frames with cold rolled studwork panels fitting into the framework.

In order to install the modules inside the finished shell of the building, an ingenious system of temporary runway beams and hoists were used to lift and slide the modules into place. Installation on-site took two days per tower with a minimum of on-site work to complete the handrail and lighting.

Heathrow Airside Coaching Stations

We were tasked with the manufacture and installation of a number of transit areas for embarking and disembarking passengers at Heathrow Airport.

Working ‘airside’ at any airport is a complex and challenging task, with deliveries and lifting times severely restricted. So, it was imperative that these buildings were installed without causing any disruption to the 24-hour operation of the airport.

Prefabricated and clad off-site in our factory in Henstridge, the coaching stations were delivered and installed during a 4-hour night window.

The buildings were finished externally with a combination of glazing and a composite panel, and were linked into the existing terminal structure. As part of the integration with the existing terminal, we carried out some refurbishment to the stair areas, which included the installation of a new lift shaft, using our ‘Lift in a Day’ product.