Heathrow Bus Station

We supplied and erected the structural steelwork for this new Central Bus Station, located in the heart of the world’s busiest airport. The steel frame comprised a series of double cantilevered and portalised frames, located around the perimeter of an irregular shaped canopy footprint.

The frames typically consisted of tapered double cantilever cross head beams supported on hollow section columns. The outer edges of the cantilever cross beams were tied down to the ground using stainless steel tie-rods consisting of spade and fork end connectors.

This is the first structure that many people will see when entering the airport complex and therefore it was essential that great care was taken with the aesthetics of each joint when detailing the connections. Many were fully welded or concealed. This involved complex connections being developed in order to make them ‘visible’ whilst at the same time robust and practical.

To minimise site erection periods we delivered the steel frame to the airport with as much of the frame pre-assembled as possible.

Hayes Balconies

The scope of our works covered the design, fabrication and erection of 309 fully finished balconies.

The project comprised of 471 residential units, a 119 room hotel, a 127 room aparthotel as well as a significant retail area. The project also includes a Sky Pool and a Life Box in which London’s arts organisations will be able to display public art. This particular area will also become a new public square for the town centre. The community also benefits from the production of a Police Liaison Office and a Management Office, both for the town centre.

The Hayes Central Project is a major regeneration of a current Brownfield site.

Fox Covert Footbridge

The footbridge which crosses the busy East Coast Main line Nr Peterborough, was opened mid-July following years of campaigning from local councilors and residents to improve safety at the crossing.

The crossing usage averages 200 plus school children pedestrians or cyclists per day across a 60mph main passenger line with 26 trains passing through this point.

Bourne was involved in the design stage allowing early collaboration from the outset with the client and Network Rail. The completed 240 meters of ramps, stairs and bridge section were fitted out with lighting electrics, handrails, GRP treads and paint work to ensure a “right first time” result before being placed by crane.

Heathrow Airport Lift Modules

We were asked to provide a lift core to enable easy passenger access. to the Airside Coaching Stations at Heathrow Airport.

These installations are normally complex and timely affairs, as all works are carried out under strict ‘airside’ regulations. The ‘BourneLift’ product provides a fully contained structural lift solution, which can be used in any structure. The modules can be up to 12 floors in height, self-supporting, and can even provide lateral stability to other structures. The lift shafts can be externally clad or boarded, fully insulated and internally lined with high impact resistant finishes, and fully prepared with fixings and running rails – all installed off-site.

Each module is designed to be fully compliant with Building Regulations and Fire Regulations, to enable a simple interface with a wide range of structures.

Project Aspire

This contract, carried out in conjunction with Corus Living Solutions, involved the delivery of new living accommodation for 18,700 British Army soldiers (20% of the British army) on Salisbury Plain.

Our ‘BourneStair’ product provided a fully contained stair solution for this project and enabled a simple interface with the building structures.

Our ‘BourneStair’ modules offer a fast track on-site installation, providing a stair access that is available for immediate use. Establishing a working staircase at a relatively early stage of the construction process provides enormous benefits in terms of access and Health & Safety, by dramatically reducing the reliance on scaffolding and other forms of temporary access.

This project further demonstrates our determination to achieve excellence in construction by utilising the best in off-site technology.

Blackfriars Station

As part of the Blackfriars Station and Bridge Reconstruction Scheme Bourne Steel and Bourne Special Projects provided the structural steelwork for both the north and south stations alongside carrying out most of the enabling works, to allow the station to evolve as part of the build programme.

Bourne Steel were responsible for the north station complex consisting of a series of interlinked buildings including the LUL structure, retail area, escalator building and a common entrance area which incorporates a curved feature façade that is fully glazed and supported by elegant bow-string trusses.

Where possible work was carried out during possession times to ensure minimal disruption to train operations and to significantly reduce the hazards presented by working in such an environment. Furthermore, a large proportion of the steelwork was modularised and manufactured off-site.

Ruislip Depot

Ruislip depot is a traction maintenance depot on the London Underground Central line, between the stations of Ruislip Gardens and West Ruislip in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

The siting of the new stores building is positioned between converging operational sidings and is restricted on the west side by an overhead crane. The site is further constrained by the clearances required to the sidings and the need for escape route paths flanking the building.

Bourne Special Projects successfully erected the steel and cladding using exact sequence methodology in a challenging environment with strict health and safety requirements.

“Safe, professional, skilled, competent and a pleasure to have on site.” – Andy Taylor, Construction Project Manager, TFL

Winchester AFA

Winchester Station is a busy commuter station used by up to 86,000 passengers every week. The Bourne Group was commissioned with the erection of a footbridge, stairs and lift shafts at the station as part of Network Rail’s ‘Access for All’ campaign.

Bourne Special Projects erected the steelwork during overnight weekend possessions / blockades. Bourne were heavily involved throughout the design process, working closely with the whole design team to enable ‘completed’ elements to be designed, fabricated, and erected.

The completed 15 metre long, 25 tonne steel bridge structure was lifted into place by a 200 tonne mobile crane, within a one hour blockade, with the full height open inward glazed panels being the only missing components.

The frame dimensions required extensive fine tolerance surveying prior to the lift, as the bridge had to fit exactly. Very careful planning enabled us to complete the installation to plan, to the satisfaction of all parties.

The Cube

The Cube is a world class building which dominates Birmingham’s skyline. Bourne Special Projects was commissioned to produce two structural steel elements, the ‘crown’ and iconic ‘fretwork screen’.

The two-storey high ‘crown’ features four overhanging wings, one in each of the building’s four corners. The angular sections were achieved by forming 30+ pre-fabricated components from a 3D model under highly accurate workshop conditions. These were delivered to site in one piece and bolted onto the core structure using two tower cranes positioned on opposing sides of the building.

The ‘fretwork screen’, nicknamed the “Tetris” which starts at level 12 and continues to the top of the building, spans the north-western elevation. Remarkably, there is no single uninterrupted line running vertically or horizontally.

Suspended from a 52m truss, spanning the outer edge of the building, the ‘fretwork screen’ is secured to a series of movement joints allowing for expansion and contraction.

Saxilby AFA

This project consists of disabled ramps, a bridge and staircases that Bourne Special Projects provided as a modular solution to reduce the installation period.

As part of the service all components were finished with Protective Treatment N1 paint. BSPL also provided anti-slip flooring, stair nosing’s, drainage and containment for M&E which were all completed before the first lift.

Early collaboration with our client and Network rail ensured this project was on time and on budget.